Core Network Dynamics is now delivering its own SIM Cards.

Customers of OpenEPC using it for research purposes have been using their own SIM Cards for testing in their labs. CND has always provided the tools, together with the HSS; provisioning of SIM subscriber data is intuitive, either on the web management interface or via scripts.

Now our customers can receive SIM Cards from CND directly and provision the different parameters they want to use in their test-beds. CND branded SIM cards are provisioned by the same tools which have been available with the OpenEPC HSS.

Core Network Dynamics is always listening to the wants and needs of its customers and offering solutions that empower them.

Setting an LTE test-lab in which to test the newest paradigms of mobile communication is not difficult but  required a series of steps.

Selecting the technology provider and licensing OpenEPC was probably the easiest step since it has always been the most technically advanced and accessible solution. On top of this, customers that
wanted to have a complete LTE network needed to acquire a small cell that supported the desired bands of operation from a cell supplier, mobile devices and SIM cards from other suppliers. Now CND is making these step easier. Customers still want to select the small cell supplier but do not want to have to care about SIM Cards, especially since for test-labs they only need a small number of them.

In some bundled packages CND offers turnkey test-bed solutions including not just blank SIM cards and a card-writer with the tools but pre-provisioned SIM cards, small cell and some test LTE phones. The customer only need to turn power on and start innovating.

If you are an existing customer and need some SIM cards let us know, if you are licensing OpenEPC now for a test-bed, request that we ship you some SIM cards too. If you are using OpenEPC commercially and require large amount of SIM cards contact us for an offer.

CND provides the right solutions to your challenges.