Core Network Dynamics has an extensive experience providing OpenEPC and the Open Source IMS Core toolkits as test-beds. Operators, vendors, integrators and research institutions around the world use the technology CND provides as reference implementations, integration and experimentation platforms in which to try the newest technological approaches and disruptive concepts that shape the networks of tomorrow.

The team at CND has been providing test-beds for more than a decade now. While many commercial implementations of EPC exist, OpenEPC is the first covering the newest and most exciting ideas proposed at standardization and innovation forums.

Working close to both operators and vendors but with a research spirit allows CND to understand the wants and needs to be solved and separate them from the hype and noise of the vibrant mobile technology ecosystem.

More than 64 test-bed customers have found in CND the right partner to bring to reality their visions, innovate and advance the technical status quo.